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Paul Stimpson

Catfish and The Bottlemen
Reading and Leeds

Paul Stimpson, Features Writer

Catfish & The Bottlemen have caught the eyes, ears and hearts of the nation after years of relentless touring produced the album of 2014 in ''The Balcony''.

Still being ignored, at their own peril, by the mainstream media, Catfish & The Bottlemen have completed two UK tours - which sold out within minutes of being on sale. The first tour was put on sale before the album was released - the popularity of this band is astonishing.

Their album, which achieved Gold status in the UK in the spring, hosts classic indie anthems like Pacifier, Cocoon and Kathleen - all of which has already been sung with gusto at T in the Park and Glastonbury already this summer.

Van McCann plays the guitar and sings as if he is in the front row of his own gig - this charming front man, with the work ethic of the band and modesty they bestow, their fans leave their shows vowing to buy tickets for their next tour in an act of support you so seldom see in the music industry today.

Their next UK tour - taking place this autumn - sold out within a matter of minutes; shifting 30,000 tickets in one go with plenty of fans left without tickets. That is the biggest piece of evidence that the next step for Catfish & The Bottlemen is arenas and stadiums - which lead singer Van McCann tells his fans at their shows.

It's a testament to their live shows that they have sold out three UK tours on the back of one album - and unless you have some veritable contacts in the industry, Reading & Leeds will be the last time you get to see this headliner-beckoned band this summer.

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