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Paul Stimpson

Audio Poets
Not My Time

Paul Stimpson, Features Writer

Los Angeles (US) based alternative rock band Audio Poets have unveiled the first single from their upcoming album, ''Make A Scene.''

''Not My Time'' is a classic Audio Poets track - clever story telling with some hard hitting instrumentation coming in behind Chris Durio's strong vocals.

The song heavily features the theme of the protagonist being his own monster and his battles with his own demons.

The verse is almost spoken word, with Audio Poets saving their melodies for the choruses.

''I'm so sick of this life I've been living in, may as well sell my soul to the devil'' sings Chris during the song's strongest point: the fast paced chorus.

While the spoken word verses are certainly an original idea, the song really picks up when Audio Poets kick into rock mode and give the track some heavy substance.

With debut album Making a Scene slated for an autumn release, and UK and European tour dates on the horizon, it is an exciting time for anybody involved with this band.